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Death Magnetic art tutorial

Since people from all around the world visited this blog, I'll post some things in english from now.


Today, as I promised, I'll post a tutorial about Metallica's Death Magnetic album art in Adobe Photoshop. In this tutorial you'll learn how to do that "powder" effect.

First of all, open a new file with the size of 400x400 pixels and fill it with white.
Then, create a new layer and, with the pen tool, draw the magnet. Filling it with a radial gradient from a mid-gray to white. Add a stroke of 3px size, with the #888888 color.

Then, let's draw the powder around the magnet. Create a new layer and put it below the magnet layer. Fill it with a dark grey and go to filter>texturize>texturizer. Pick the sandstone texture. Go to blending options and add Bevel and Emboss with the coordinates below.

You can get a soft black brush a paint some shadows on this layer if you want to. You should get something like this.

Create a new layer and it below the other ones. Now you'll draw the first group powder around the whole thing. Get a brush and select these settings:

You must have somethinng like this:

Now, we'll draw the powder that's gathering around the composition. Create a new layer and put it below the others. Get the same brush you used before and draw some random shapes.

Use the liquify filter to get that fluid effect.

Duplicate the section of shapes you've made and flip them to get a simmetric composition.

This phase it's all about working with liquify filter continue working untill you get what you want.
Now create a new layer at the top of the composition. Go to render>clouds. You must have black for foreground color and white for background color. After that, go to Noise>Add Noise. Select Gaussian for mode and Monochromatic. Choose Overlay for Blending Mode.

Now, just add the text. I've used "Pastor Of Muppets" font for it. You can download it at dafont.com.

Well done! Now we have our AD Magnetic!
The whole thing it's all about working with the liquify filter and choosing the right brushes.
See ya!

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